Running and Being a REALTOR®

From the outside being a real estate agent seems easy.

I'm reminded of one of the poster boards set up near a drink station on the Drumheller Half Marathon which read "If it were easy, we would do it". That sign was at the 11 km mark of the 21 km run.  Made me smile and added a little bit more of a spring in my step. Training for a fitness goal or weight loss goal is a lot like setting goals in real estate.  It's not easy.  Houses don't just sell because you put up a for sale sign and parked your butt by the phone on your desk and waited for the phone to ring.  You have to put in the work.  I didn't just decide Sunday to run my First Half marathon on Sunday.  I started that journey a year ago. Road to my first Half Marathon:

  • July 2010, my wife encouraged me to be more active again and get moving.
  • August, September 2010 my week included visits to a chiropractor, physio therapy, pain killers, and acupuncture for back pain.
  • October It was difficult to commit to a regular routine of exercise because I was in such pain.
  • November 2010, I bit the bullet and set a meeting with a personal trainer (Jo Dumont) to lose weight, get stronger, be mobile and be pain free.
  • December 2010 I set a fitness goal "The Ride to Conquer Cancer".  A 200 km bike ride, because running was not even a welcomed thought.  Biking 200 km sounded easier than running 5 km
  • February 2011, training for the bike ride becomes more serious and running 3 - 5 km becomes part of my monthly plan
  • April 2011 after working out at Jo Dumont Fitness Training (JDFT) and The Penhold Multi-Plex 5 days a week I step up my training again and take part in the JDFT walk/run challenge.
  • April 2011  I logged 26 running days. Mostly 5 - 6 km or less
  • April 2011 signed up to run in the Lacombe Freedom Run 5km race.  Changed to 10 km and completed my first 10 km running.  Why? Because i could do 5 km where was the challenge in running 5 km again.
  • May 2011, I finish the Blackfalds 10 km run
  • May and June are increased Cycling months as the Ride to Conquer Cancer is at the end of June.  I purchase a Cyclecross bike that is suited for road as well as some trails.  Better tool for the job.  I'm really happy with my bike.  It's light weight, comfortable and fast.
  • June 25th, & 26th 2011 I start and finish the epic 200 km Ride to Conquer Cancer.  It was EPIC!  Hard work but so worth it.  I raised over $3,000 for the cancer fight and completed the ride.

Some where along the training in June I signed up for the Drumheller Half Marathon.  Funny thing about that goal was that I signed up to take part with others from JDFT.  All individuals having a shared goal but at different levels of fitness, preparedness, commitment and passion for the goal.  At points I didn't feel like it was my goal yet it was.  During the summer vacation, golf tournaments, family functions would all interfere with my training for the Dinosaur Half. I would hop on my bike anytime before I would run.  It would be pretty common for me to comment on how much I hate running, and would rather bike.  My training continued though.  Slow but sure but less enthusiastic and excited than the training I did for the Cancer Ride.

Drumheller Half Marathon

I did it.  I wasn't fast, and walked more than I thought or planned to but I finished my first Half Marathon, but 2 hours and 47 minutes later I crossed the finish line after13.1 miles in the hot Drumheller sun, and a far larger and longer hill than I anticipated.


Back To Real Estate:

Selling houses requires a plan, similar to a fitness plan.  Real Estate agents earn their income from "closed sales".  If you want to earn $80,000 as a commission sales person or $100,000 you had better have a plan on how you will do that.  You have to meet people, have them find you, or you find them.  The successful agents don't wait for people to "find" them they go out and find them. Meeting people that want to buy or sell homes is just the beginning.  They have to have confidence in your abilities to solve their housing needs just as you need to have the confidence that you will finish the race.  A real estate agents client also wants to finish the race, where the finish is a "Sold" sign.

Pricing, product, area and market knowledge are  also part of our daily training as rel estate agents.  we don't just get a real estate licence day 1 and walk to your home and know how much your home will sell for.  It's not that easy.  Weekly viewing of homes for sale, daily reviews of the reported sales, monthly and weekly recaps of market reports outlining new listings and sales.  Review of successful transactions with other agents and brokers. All those steps are part of being successful selling houses as a real estate agent.  However the cornerstone or key piece is the goal.  Much like a fitness goal, the path is clearer with a purpose in mind.  

Real estate agents don't "just show up" and sell 50 houses a year.  Selling a house a week takes dedication, training, focus, and hard work. If you are ready to take your real estate sales to the level you want them to be at.  We specialize in goal setting and achievement with our agents at Century 21 Advantage.  There is no cookie cutter approaches.  Just like personal training is "personal" to you achieving your fitness goals so are our business goals.  We can help.

If you've ever felt like you've lost momentum in your "real estate year" or can't seem to hit your goal.  Recalibrating is a natural component to goal setting and achievement.  Adding new short term goals and stretching the long term goals on a regular basis are some of the ongoing coaching that we do at Century 21 Advantage. T

ake time to celebrate your milestones and achievements.  After the Dinosaur Half came the celebratory beer :-) Post Dinosaur Half Celebratory Beer

Patrick Galesloot Broker Owner at Century 21 Advantage,

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Current President of the Central Alberta REALTORS Association (2011)

Business Coach,

Husband and dad,

I also twitter @pgalesloot

Location, Location, Location. Also applies to races :-)

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