People everywhere are thinking of either buying or selling a house. Most people are thinking ahead and wondering what they should do. I recently met a few of these "people" I am talking about. This couple have an older house that is dated, meaning needs updating and they were wondering if they should do the improvements or sell and buy a new home. There is alot of right answers.  All the answers depend on the person.

Can you handle doing renovations?
Do you have the vision to pull off any renovation let alone a major overall of your home?

Why are you thinking of renovating? Is it to live in or to sell?
How much can you spend on your renovation to maximize your profit?
How do you know what needs to be done first?
What renovations bring in the biggest return when selling?

These questions are meant for owners thinking of selling or renovating but are also applicable for people thinking of buying a home. Buyers need to think the same way, if I buy a house that needs work for 250K and spend 40-50K in the nenovations will I be able to sell it for 300K +? Doing renovations should make you money, but to much renovations may be to much to make a profit.

There are so many questions with home ownership. But nothing beats being able to rip up that carpet and lay down some nice clean wood flooring. Taking out the old marked up countertops and putting in a shiny new surface.

Renovations are fun and can actually bring a family closer together if jobs are divided up and everyone participates.

So what are you thinking?

Renovating and staying?
Renovating to sell?
Buying a house that needs renovating?
Buying a recently renovated home?

Everybody is different, some people are able to renovate while others have no time, desire and talent to do it. If you are wondering your options please contact me.

We can sit and talk, I will give you my opinion on what you should do:

1st to maximize your profit for sale

2nd which renovations will make your home more sellable and to maximize full value of your home

3rd we can figure out the right balance in your renovations where you spend just enough to maximize your sale price

Hope to hear from you soon

Thanks for reading

Ken Devoe - Century 21 Advantage


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