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I’m excited to let you know about, Payout Pro an all-new service that helps homeowners save money when facing mortgage payout penalties.

As anyone who has sold or refinanced their home knows, mortgage payout penalties are painful. Beyond convincing a sympathetic lender to reduce a payout penalty, the only sure way to help one’s self is to reduce the balance outstanding before the penalty is calculated.

Most mortgages permit the homeowner to prepay 10%, 15% or even 20% of the mortgage principal once annually. By reducing the balance outstanding, any prepayment directly reduces the payout penalty. There’s just one problem, however; where’s the cash needed for the prepayment going to come from? That’s where Payout Pro can help.

Payout Pro will pay down a mortgage on behalf of the homeowner. They are repaid out of proceeds when the mortgage is closed out. The good news is how much one can save on the payout penalty. That saving can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars in found money!

And now for the really good news – Payout Pro doesn't charge a penny in fees! Instead, they simply split the penalty savings with the homeowner, 50/50. That's what they call “found money”!

Because lending laws and regulations vary so much by province, Payout Pro is just starting out and serving Alberta homeowners exclusively.

You have nothing to loose by investigating this savings option!


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