Sitting on the fence

  The days of sitting on the fence should be past. With everything that has happened lately now is a excellent time to buy real estate, whether for the first time, another one or move up . Interest rates are the lowest in along time and housing prices have come down. You can now get a 5year rate @ 4.39% and a 1 year rate @ 3.5%. Even a 7 year rate for 5.87%. (  Why wait and miss this great opportunity to get started. The government is even going to let you earn more money before you have to pay taxes. You have heard the old saying of " The grass is always greener on the other side." Well take a closer look at the total picture and you will probably see yourself on the other side, I know I am.  The glass is half full and that is the best way to look at it all the time. If you have ever thought if that one opportunity would ever come along you would jump at it. Guess what? It is time to JUMP. Great deals are waiting. Try it and you will see that "the grass is green on your side of the fence," because sitting on the fence is not that comfortable.

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