Spring is in the air, and for sale signs soon will be every where.

That's typically how it goes. If you are thinking of selling your home then be prepared for the spring season. This year sellers have to be more ready than ever to sell. It's the little things that will make the difference.

List of tasks you can do to improve your sale ability:

  • De-clutter take a load to the dump, give it away, or rent a storage facility but get rid of all those extra treasures you have accumulated over time. Buyers want to see how "Big" your home is not how full it can be.
  • Tone down the color. Neutral is best. You may like bright Red but not everyone. Buyers want to be able to see what they can do with the space not necessarily what you have done.
  • Clean the corners, nooks and crannies.
  • Remove the pet factor. Litter boxes should be out of sight out of mind and the litter box too. Clean it everyday of you have a kitty box, and before all showings.
  • Apple, spice and cinnamon is nice. Yes the sweet smell of baking, vanilla and bread creates an inviting feeling. Buying is an emotional experience so minimize the Bleach and Ammonia smell and bring on Grandma's bake goodies.
  • Sparkle and Shine.  Break out the ladder and squeegee and clean the windows.  Improves the view in and out as well as brightens the house.  All of which can be a plus.
  • Garbage pick up.  The snow is almost all gone and now we can see what the wind blew and the litter bugs left behind.  From curb to alley pick up the mess and leave a clean sweep.
  • Call in support if necessary.  The cost of a maid service or cleaning crew can go a long way and with your busy schedule it can be to your benefit to bring in the extra help.
  • Modern is in 80's decor is out.  A new light fixture with a modern look costs little these day ($20).  Get in the now and change a few or all.  The less a buyer has to do after you the closer you will be to sold.

This is not an all inclusive list.  When you are getting ready to sell call in your Realtor and have them walk thru and make suggestions.  If you have a quiet Realtor who doesn't seem to want to give advice, then call on another that will.  Sometimes Realtors are hesitant to give advice on what you "need" to do for improvements as they are afraid of upsetting you and not getting th elisting.  Others are happy to point out what small things you can do to make a big difference in "for sale" versus "sold".  If you would like to add to this list or would like to have a bigger list then give us a call.


Your Friend in Real Estate,

Patrick Galesloot 


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