Steak and Chili

Who knew, our office like to get together over food and have some laughs.

Actually we learned that long ago and every year we have a friendly sales and listings contest where we split the office into three teams and which ever team has the most listings and sales wins.  Seems like a natural fit as that's what we are supposed to do, list and sell houses.

The venue for our wrap up:

 The Cronquist House at Bower Ponds.

The winning team dines on steak.  They also get the added bonus of one of the teams serving them and the other cleaning up.  Only one team gets to eat steak everyone else dines on chili.  Bragging rights and some friendly ribbing go hand in hand. 

Most importantly we get together have some fun and enjoy each others company.  oh, and eat Cupcakes!


Patrick Galesloot


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