Thank You Steve Jobs For The iPad

The iPhone is a phone I recommend to my agents when they ask "I'm looking for a new phone what should I get?". I always say iPhone. Why? Because it's easy to use. It's just simple, not a lot of pages and menus and command gestures and it will do what we need it to do.

The biggest thing about the iPhone for me as a broker is that it is simple and easy to use.  Part of my day involves being the tech assistant to my agents.  Whether it is scanning and faxing, photocopying, connecting to the wifi, or setting up a "smart phone" it has to be simple and not break.  Apple iPhones are that.  Personally i use an Android, my wife has an iPhone and I used to have a BB, Treo as well.
New on the scene is the iPad, which is funny because it is new but yet it is old.  It's barely been available for a full calendar year, the 2nd version is out and we can't wait for the 3rd version.  I love the iPad.  Design is incredible, easy to use, fast and efficient and the touch interface makes signing documents easy.  I have yet to buy an Android tablet or any other type of tablet like this so my view is biased.  I may look at trying an Android once Ice Cream Sandwich devices roll out.
Real Estate agents can go paperless way easier on an iPad than those tablet lap tops.  I had a tablet HP lap top.  It was OK but the windows experience and the portability certainly is lacking.  The iPad allows us to email easily on the go, open PDF docs, fill out forms, and sign contracts with a stylus.
My favourite Apps on the iPad:
  • Evernote.  Great for taking notes at meetings, listings, clipping web articles and more.  The best part is that it syncs that info across devices.  The info I have on my iPad I have access to on my Android phone, my Mac Book Air, and my PC at the office. :-)  Cost:  Free
  • Dropbox.  By far the best file back up, sharing and sync app out there in my opinion.  Great for taking my work files, and contracts with me and again access is across all the devices I use.  Also Free
  • PDF Expert.  It syncs with Dropbox and allows me access to my contract forms.  I can fill them out, save them and also sign them as needed.
  • Sign MyPad.  Not quite as robust as PDF Expert for filling forms out but for signing a PDF that was emailed to me.  Very easy.  I might even say the easiest for signing a document on the iPad than any other app I have tried.
  • Keynote.  PowerPoint on the iPad essentially.  Great way for sharing a listing presentation.
iPad Apps for real estate
I certainly use all the other features such as the email, calendar, and web browser.  It has almost replaced my lap top until I bought a Mac Book Air.  Now it supplements the Mac Book.  This post is an example of that.  I started it on the iPad, took the screen shot on the iPad, and finished on the mac Book because the screen is bigger, the need to type with a full keyboard in mouse is still needed form time to time and way easier.
Earlier today I had my iPad at an open house reviewing emails form my office, reviewing a stats power point, and more.  The combination of an iPad, and phone combined with the rest of my tech software, apps and devices allows me to be more of a mobile office than before.
Some other must haves are:
Email exchange to sync emails, contacts, and calendar items.  The push email and all the rest simplifies life on multiple gadgets. I like using the Google version Gmail for business, Google Apps Email.
Want some help using your iPad for real estate?  watch for an upcoming lunch and learn we will be hosting.  We'll be sharing how to use these apps, some tips, tricks, and share some of the lessons learned.  I'm also available for a Starbucks if you want to chat one on one about how to use these tools and more in your real estate or work environment.

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