The Sky Is Not Falling

I had the opportunity to hear Todd Hirsh the Chief Economist from ATB speak a couple of weeks ago, here, in Red Deer. In a nutshell, he reiterated that things are not so glum. In his words: "The Sky Is Not Falling".  He explained that overall the markets are slower because of the price of oil, but there is certainly ample activity in the other leading industries like Forestry, Tourism and Agriculture, which are are allowing the Alberta economy to stay strong with some great growth opportunities.
The stats, available here,  outline what I have also been seeing in the marketplace. Though we are still busy, there has been a slow down. At this point we are not sure how this will effect the prices or spring market.
Staying positive, knowledgeable and on top of the market is important. I will endeavor to make sure you are kept informed and you can count on me to support you at whatever stage you are at with Buying a Home or Selling your Home...or just following the market.  Consider it Done!!!
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