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What is an RPR and why do I need one?

An RPR first off is an abbreviation for "Real Property Report".  Previously it may have been referred to as an Alberta Land Survey or Property Survey.  The RPR shows the corners and dimensions of your lot as well as where your home sits on that lot in relation to the boundaries and the improvements that are also present (detached garage, deck, and fence).

The offer to purchase has terms embedded in it that specify that the seller will provide an RPR.  However it is not just the RPR, but an RPR with compliance from the municipality in which it is located.  i.e a stamp of approval from the City of Red Deer.

The term reads as follows:

4.11 As part of the normal closing documents, the Seller will provide the Buyer, regarding the matters described in clause 6.1, a real property report reflecting the current state of improvement on the Property, according to the Alberta Land Surveyors’ Manual of Standard Practice, with evidence of municipal compliance or non-conformance. This obligation will not apply to any transaction where there are no structures on the land.

The reason for this is, the buyer and the bank (if there is financing) want to know that the house is where it should be, it and the garage or deck are not to close to the neighbor, and not sitting on a gas line or other encroachments or easements etc....  The last thing a buyer and the bank would want is for the City to come along and say you have to move your garage or house because we're digging up this gas line etc...

You can certainly have a survey done at any time and not have the compliance, so it is important that you specify and ask for the municipal compliance i.e. The City's stamp of approval.

The Alberta Land Surveyors' Association website has additional detailed information on why you would need an RPR, what is one them and the process in which their members use to create them.


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