Tis the season for Multiple Offers

A Sure Sign of a Strong Spring market is an abundance of Multiple Offers. A multiple offer is when 2 or more buyers are making offers on the same property at the same time. I've found myself in more and more multiple offer situations (with both buyers and sellers) over the past month.... & I see no signs of that slowing down anytime soon. It's an enviable position to be in as a Seller as most often it means you will be paid a higher price for your property - often above market value - time to do the Happy Dance! Buyers will most times better their offers - in both price and conditions- to be the 'Winner' and have an opportunity to own your property. There are several strategies that can put Sellers in a position to increase their chances of receiving multiple offers - those can be discussed when you list your home for sale. As a Buyer Multiple Offers can be a stressful and sometimes disappointing position to be in. There are things that you can do as a Buyer to avoid a Multiple Offer situation. If you do find yourself in a Multiple Offer situation don't panic I can guide you in writing an offer that increases your chance of Success. Are multiple offers something to be scared of - definitely not - they are a sure sign that Real Estate values in Central Alberta are increasing - making it an Excellent time to Buy or Sell!

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