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Ahhh social media.  I don't know how many speakers I've heard speak on the virtues of social media and how "you need to be there".  A handful on the mechanics on successful uses of social media as well.  Heck I've offered my two cents form time to time. Yet I still wonder, what the heck.  I can't be on my phone tweeting all day, I have work to do.  Are there tools out there that can help me stream line my schedule?  Yes, there certainly are but should you or I use them?


I'm not "new" to twitter.  I've been on twitter as @pgalesloot since 27th of April 2008. ( probably like most of you, start out with "ok i'm tweeting now what".  You'd think 5 years later I might know something... you'd think.

That's my personal account.  I also have a "business" account.  Why? because I own and manage a real estate brokerage called Century 21 Advantage.  So I have the twitter account @C21Advantage since 14th of March 2009.


I can tweet and be myself (at least more so) with my personal account @pgalesloot than I should on @C21Advantage?  How do you differentiate between a brand, a company and a person?  Should twitter folk expect the same level of engagement?  Should I be worried about that?  Why am I on Twitter as a company is the question I suppose.

More Background:

I enjoy Scott Stratten The UnMarketing dude, and I value his opinion.  I've read and own:

I've seen and heard him speak twice.  Once in Red Deer, thanks to Shelley Boston & Brenda Sargeant, and most recently at the Century 21 Canada Conference in Kelowna.

So when Scott tweets you "no no no" is it a "Holy Crap Stratten just tweeted me dude!" or is it a "Awww Crap, Stratten just tweeted me, I hope I'm not a chapter in his next book".

I suppose you can take it either way.  Me, I appreciate the heads up "you can do better" tip from him or others.  I do my best not to take criticism as an attack but feedback for growth. Thanks Scott for the nudge in the right direction.

Really, he's not telling me anything I don't already know.  Social media is about engagement.  Not broadcast.  With my/our office account @C21Advantage we've been more about broadcast of new listings than being a voice of real estate in Central Alberta.  I get that.  The challenge we (I) have is that balance between getting work down, and feeling like you're wasting time playing on the computer with Facebook or Twitter.  I've been on Twitter for 5 years, believe me I have often said out loud, on twitter and to myself "Don't these people work?".

We/I do use a service to Auto Tweet New Listings.  We list houses for sale.  We have a contractual obligation to our clients to sell their home/real estate property.  You could say there is an expectation from clients (sellers) taht we get the message out there about their home for sale to as many people as possible.  So, we do that.  We've been broadcasting new listings.  I've updated the bio for the office @C21Advantage a while ago to read:

"Century 21 Advantage is a full-service real estate office, serving Red Deer and surrounding area. We tweet our new listings and real estate. Tweets by, Patrick"

So everyone knows, who's behind the tweets, and what they might expect for tweets.  Full Disclosure right?

Yes, but may not very effective at being the voice for real estate in Central Alberta on Twitter.

Besides the fact that I think "Auto Tweets" are a time saver, especially for us.  We have 61 agents... 51 residential specialists and 9 commercial specialists + me (the broker).  We are busy selling real estate.  We're presently carrying 163 Residential Listings.  At the end of June we were ranked the 9th busiest Century 21 Office in Canada.  I say that, not to impress you, but to impress upon you that we are a busy real estate office.  Our/my dilemma is how do you or I get our message out on a hands on interactive media such as Social Media without it being a big time suck? 

I don't think we should shy away from using technology to save time, energy and money in our business, but I do get that we should and can do better with our social media. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on twitter. 

Patrick Galesloot

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