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Helping Women Purchase Real Estate

Over the last 20 years women have become more & more independent in every sphere of life. Home buying is no exception. Statistics show that 20% of home buyers are women, whether single, divorced,widowed or seperated . Todays women are well educated, make a good income & realize they don't have to wait for Mr. Right to buy a home. Representing women in the purchase of a home requires slightly different focus than with men. Most women love to shop,looking for a home is not exception. Be prepared to show them more properties, maybe the same property several times. The focus is usually on the floor plan, the neighbourhood, is it close to amenities, does it "feel like home". Most woman stay away from the "fixer upper" & some prefer condos or gated communities for safety & maintenance free. Women are more apt to compromise on size & cost to get other ameneties.

We should never assume however that all women prefer pink or want a huge master closet. Ask about her life & needs and follow her direction. By truly listening to your clients wants & needs you should be able to find exactly the right property and have a good client for life.


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