Who Says Theres No Hockey !

Like every other red blooded Canadian kid , I grew up watching hockey on Saturday night. We looked forward to the family tradition , popping the popcorn and yelling at the TV. I was very sad to learn that once again greed has spoiled this long time Canuck tradition for so many fans. Being an optimist I also look at this as an opportunity to go out and support our many local hockey teams such as the Rebels, the Generals and the many minor hockey leagues around Central Alberta.

Watching my grandson ( 9 years old) play his Atom games brings as much excitement and maybe even more pure joy of the game than watching overpaid NHL players who may have lost that true meaning of 'Hockey Night in Canada' .

Don't give up on the game just because the owners & the players have, go out and support your local hockey , ringette teams on all levels and you'll be glad you did.

Hocky in Canada is definitley not on strike , its all around us.

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