Why Buy a House in Red Deer Right Now?

Today is a prime market for buyers to buy a home in Red Deer.

- We have roughly 553 homes on the market. What does this mean to buyers? It means that you have a large selection of homes that you can choose from, and possibly more bargaining power.

- Interest Rates are Low. Regional Mortgage Corporation had a posted 5 year term rate of 4.19% I believe that rates will eventually raise. Buy now with a low rate!

- The new budget: The government is encouraging buyers to buy! First time home buyers can get back part of their closing costs. You can get back some of your renovating costs for your home as well.

It's common sense to buy low and sell high, having said that now is the time. The drop in the market, the quantity of listings, mortgage rates and buying incentives are all great reasons to buy now!


-Tara Devereaux


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