Winter Day, What to do in Red Deer

There are always many things residents of Red Deer or other towns in Central Alberta can do on a winter day.  True, many are into hockey and it can consume much of their winter free time, but youdon't have to be a hockey player or a hockey mom or dad to enjoy winter in Red Deer.

MacKenzie Trail Winter Walk - 01

Our family recently went to the Kerrywood nature Center.  Located by the banks of the Red Deer river and on the door steps of the Waskasoo Park system, specifically Gaetz lakes sanctuary and MacKenzie Trails.  Sure they have exhibits inside, but we were interested in the park outside.

So, we rented snow shoes.


It was a fun outdoor day with the kids.

MacKenzie Trail Winter Walk - 06

It was quite on the trails. We saw a few people in the area, but it was quiet with the main interruption to a peaceful walk being the sound of the snowshoes on the snow.

MacKenzie Trail Winter Walk - 08

Get out and enjoy, there maybe snow on the ground but lots to enjoy.




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