Red Deer reduces power with lights out on Earth Hour night.

Electricity consumption in Red Deer was down 2.5 per cent thanks to Red Deer citizens who heard the Earth Hour call, powered down and turned off their lights from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. on Saturday.

Red Deer citizens helped save 8,800 kWh of electricity, which is enough energy to run The City's entire traffic light system continuously for five days. They helped save enough energy to run four cars for one year, which is equivalent to reducing almost 16 tonnes of CO2.

Some local businesses participated with earth hour dinner by candle light promotions such as the one at Mr.Mikes (one of my favourite lunch places, try the skookumchuck).

My family had a busy evening and halted normal electronic activity and switched to camping mode.  I was surprised by how enthusiastic they were about it all.  "This is just like camping dad, we should do that again" commented my son Parker.  With the camping season as short as it is we often forget the simple pleasures of camping and how much fun a flashlight can be to an 8 year old.  One other benefit was we found out which flashlights were low on batteries, and are now in need of replacement.

What is your Earth Hour story?  Did you participate?

Earth Hour was a huge global success with 3,937 cities and towns turning out their lights, across 88 countries.

I was on Twitter with my trusty blackberry (Twitter me @pgalesloot) with a few others and the conversation were fun.  Jokingly we jested that earth hour would be far more convenient at 1 am.  While those in earlier time zones shared strategies such as get snacks early to avoid opening the fridge.  What I find interesting is the spread of Earth Hour this year, the discussions and sharing on the various social media sites.


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