Halloween 2012 – The Hunted House at Heritage Point Calgary

Preparations are underway for the unsurpassed HUNTED HOUSE in Heritage Point. What a production this will be. With numerous volunteers and very creative minds at work, The Lake at Heritage Point is just a few days away from presenting a Halloween experience you will not soon forget.

Get ready to be terrified by ZOMBIES this Halloween - You will be greeted by daunting lights and eerie music. As you enter the gate of lit pumpkins, you are led through the graveyard, and mysterious sights. Get ready to be spooked by walking zombies which will pop up at any moment. Keep your eyes open, as you may see zombies crawling out of the lake….

Get ready for a Halloween Experience of 2012

Get spooked on October 31, 2012 from 5-9pm. Please help support the Food Bank with a donation.


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