Changing of the Seasons!

One of the most important things about changing of seasons is often overlooked by homeowners and landlords.  The fact that it is now fall is a great time to think about the little things around your property that need attention before the winter months and Jack Frost shows his vicious tactics.  We often put off things that need to be done, is the irrigation blown out?  Trees and shrubs pruned and yards cleaned up?  Fountains and other susceptible items put to bed.  Is your lawn furniture etc. put away?  Is your furnace and fireplace clean and in good working order for the coming months?  Are the hoses and outside taps drained and put away for the year? These are all things we seem to overlook or procrastinate on until the first frost happens and then it becomes a free for all with everyone trying to get their properties ready for the coming colder months.  Of course we do not like the idea of doing it, I think sometimes it portrays an idea or thought of what is to come and we do not usually like that.  For most people, but not all, winter is a less desirable season and we do not want to do anything that reminds us of the fact that it is coming, like it or not.  Property owners need to make sure that their properties are in good order for the winter months so that they maintain the value that they have worked so hard to achieve.

Others, on the other had, love winter, skiing, snowmobiling, skating etc. and generally are the first to make sure their properties are in order in hopes the season will come as soon as they are done.  


Which one are you?  Regardless of which one, you still have the responsibility of maintaining your property to the best of your ability and keeping the value you have worked so hard for secure.


Just my thoughts for the day.



Al Cookson

Al Cookson

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