Once again we are into our famous Canadian winter.

A certain amount of snow accumulation on your roof is normal. However, if there is an excessive accumulation on the roof of your home, particularly if the snow is wet, there is a possibility of damage to the structure of the property.

Flat or low sloped roofs usually have a greater risk of damage.

An excessive load of snow accumulating on a roof may actually cause the roof to cave in. 

Here are some snow removal do’s and don’ts to keep in mind this winter:

·        Don’t use mechanical snow removal equipment. The risk of damaging the roof membrane or other rooftop items outweighs the advantage of speed.

·        Don’t use sharp tools, such as picks, to remove snow. Use plastic rather than metal shovels.

·        Don’t stockpile snow on the roof.

·        Do dispose of removed snow in designated areas on the ground.

·        Do keep snow away from building exits, fire escapes, drain downspouts, ventilation openings and equipment.

·        Do remove snow starting at the ridge and moving toward the eave for gable and sloped roofs whenever possible.

·        Do use a non-metallic rake for steep snow roofs if possible to avoid damage to roofing materials.

·        Do be careful of dislodged icicles whenever you’re removing snow from a roof because an icicle falling from even a short height can still cause damage or injury.

·        Do be prepared for roof snow to slide while you’re using a roof rake, and stay a safe distance away from the eave of the roof to be sure you’re out of sliding range.

Please note! Removing the snow from your roof can be a dangerous task. If you are not sure how to safely remove the snow from your roof, always hire a professional to remove the snow for you. 


Stay warm!


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