Social Media A Change How We Do Business.

What is Social Media?
We all heard it! Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, the next buzz or even generation web 2.0. But whats all of this means to us 
and how is the web affects how we communicate and we do business?

Social media stands for "Media" digital places for publication and "Social" means gathering, group activities, group 
sharing and interaction. With the word "Social Media" combined it becomes a tool, services or even allowing individuals to 
express their thoughts and feelings.

Back in the 70's and 80's business advertising relied on newspapers and telemarketing campaign. Business success also rely 
On how much exposure you have on the community so there’s really no change on the business marketing strategy except for the Medium being used. Today we used web 2.0 back in the days they used telephone for marketing!

We must also be aware of the Pros and Cons of Social Media:



  • You can reach customers that traditional marketing misses. You never know who will direct a friend to your blog, Facebook page or social bookmark post, so your potential for reeling in new leads is unlimited.
  • You can build brand loyalty. Not only can you use social media to build your brand, you can use it to demonstrate your personality, interact with customers and show them that you care, which, in turn, breeds loyalty. Social media marketing can also boost your reputation and build relationships.



  • Social media marketing places high demands on your talent. It can be difficult to constantly come up with innovative exciting content that interests a variety of readers and, without relevance, your efforts will be wasted.
  • You lose some control of your marketing efforts. Anything you publish is up for grabs, and others can easily criticize you. Publish backlash is the last thing you want your social media marketing to spawn, and without the ability to control comments or even what your own team is publishing you open yourself up for potential negatives.

When using Social Media on how we do our business it is important to remember the pros and cons and the goal we are trying to achieved!

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