Why are we blaming Tim Bosma? Please come home safe Tim!


I am so saddened to hear about the disappearance of Tim Bosma. I hadn’t been paying much attention to the news all week.  But little bits and pieces started to permeate my subconscious. Then I started paying attention. This case strikes a particular chord with me because I am an avid fan of Kijiji. We have sold cars, trucks, furniture, exercise equipment, clothing, appliances and even a house on Kijiji.  Name it – we’ve sold it. Never in a thousand years would I think that taking someone out for a test drive would end in a disappearance and possible death.

How very sad for the family of this man. Tim Bosma is no doubt a hardworking man trying to provide for his family. Please join his family in prayer that he is found safe and sound.

Now – to those of you shameless bloggers and social media commenters who hide behind your computer monitors and say the most hateful things.    Double shame on you – for pointing fingers and  judging this man for going on this test drive with strangers.  A very normal occurrence. This is something that happens everyday and he should not be judged for his decision. Are you really blaming him for his fate?

Most people would not just hand a complete stranger  their  car keys and watch them drive off into the sunset?  I doubt that very much you would…you say that now in hindsight based on recent happenings.  It is so easy to judge.  Shoulda, woulda’s and coulda’s are so easy to state when you are on the opposite side

 Instead of playing the blame game –  let’s just hold up this family in prayer and support. I watched the live news coverage and saw his wife in tears begging for the return of her husband.   I couldn’t believe some of the hateful and negative comments that are being left on the online threads. Just unbelieveable!  Where is your compassion? Where is your love for mankind? Why choose hate and a good punchline over love and support?

To those of you out there who are selling things online. Be cautious when meeting potential clients. Those of you in particular who are also selling your homes privately online and allowing complete strangers into your homes.   Again, be very careful. Ask for ID and don’t be alone. You never know someone’s intent.




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