1. CLEAN! (Remember, cleanliness is next to godliness).

2. Edit any "UN"necessary extras and/or clutter.

3. Pare down accessories, maintaining a "stlye simple' approach.

4. Buff or remove any imperfections in flooring.

5. Do a "pre" inspection to ensure your acute "awareness" to any potential red flags.

6. Assess walls, repair any chips, and/or issues.

7. Paint if necessary; perhaps enhance with accent walls.

8. Set the mood, visualize the final outcome.

9. Assess the need for hardware and/or fixture changes. Are the dated?

10. Replace bulbs.

11. Fix any inconsistencies, cracks and damage.

12. Oil noisy hinges.

13.  Remove any dead or aging plants.

15. Rearrange furnishings to establish a better flow and/or seating arrangements.

16. Add a mirror to a coffee table to enhance light and add a bit of glitz

17. Use area rugs to layer flooring and eliminate sound issues.

18. Clear and organize any storage areas (potential buyers like to see simple storage areas).

19. Organize all cabinetry (it appears more spacious).

20. Use fresh/new light coloured bedding to enhance the feel.

21. Toilets - change the basins. No one likes a grungy toilet.

22. Research your area. Is it a family area? If so, consider changing a home office back into another bedroom.

23. Recover or rent proportionally - scaled furnishings for your space.

24. Remember, you are selling your house; however, first and foremost your selling a feeling! Create the mood or space everyone will enjoy living in.

25. Add some life. Use plants, faux or real, to set the tone and make the feel seem a little less sterile by using some "lived in" features..

This article was featured in Homes & Land Magazine and written by Jennifer Brouwer

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