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By now you may have noticed a common theme in these articles: the importance of location (as the saying in real estate circles goes, “Location, location, location!”) This is true for a variety of reasons: convenience (such as closeness to highways), safety of the neighbourhood, value of the area, and the list goes on. One factor that is often overlooked is entertainment. You may be feeling that as you’re frantically looking for ways to keep your kids entertained (and, perhaps for some, out of trouble!) now that the summer holiday has officially started.

Markham is an all-around great place to consider for all of the reasons stated above. Today we will be focusing on a new establishment that recently opened at the heart of the city at Woodbine Avenue and Highway 7. Hub Climbing, which opened in May 2014, is the largest boulder-climbing facility in Canada. Bouldering is akin to rock climbing, except that a rope is not used to climb walls. It is an excellent way to build endurance and to keep active, and many people often underestimate just how tiring it can be. It is quickly growing in popularity among all age groups.

To discover the multitude of other amenities that Markham has to offer, contact a knowledgeable Century 21 King’s Quay realtor today!

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