6 Tips to Buying a Home During the Holiday's.

Have you been thinking of possibly looking to buy a home over the holidays, but all you can think of is the hassle and headaches that could bring. Here are some tips as to why it could be a good time to start looking and be beneficial to you. 


1) Motivated Sellers  Home sellers don't enjoy moving over the holidays any more than homebuyers do. Which means that they are more likely highly motivated to sell. Many factors play into it, as they may have a new job or the home has been on the market for a long time and need the money. If you combine this with decreased competition it provides better leverage. 


2) Less Competition The same issues that make holiday moving a hassle tend to keep people from shopping for homes at that time. It could mean that not as many homes on the market but could also mean fewer homebuyers shopping as well. 


3) Faster Closings -  For the most part sellers want to try and get out of the old home by or before the end of the year. Which means that you could be hopefully all settled for the remaining of the holiday season. Also Lenders and Brokers are eager to close their books by the end of year which helps push the sale for you. 


4) Better Interest Rates Interest rates are still near historical lows. The average rate on a 25-year fixed mortgage has been under 5% for the majority of the last few years, and, as of this writing, interest rates are slowly sinking as we enter the holiday season. Online calculators are available to show you how much you can save over the life of a mortgage with even a slight decrease in interest rates. You may be surprised at the savings.


5) Motivated Agents  With lower activity in the housing market, means agents are dealing with less clients at a time, which is better for you as they can devote more of their expertise and time into your process of buying your home. 


6) Related Seasonal Sales Need new furniture or other items for your new home? Plenty of seasonal clearance sales will be available to help you apply a personal touch – but be careful not to spend yourself into unrecoverable debt.


If you are looking at possibly buying at this time, please give myself a call at; 705-309-8636 as I would love to have you in your new home for the remaining Holiday Season. 


Alicia Linklater



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