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I have actually decided to start something new when posting my monthly blog.  I may throw in a few blogs about "How to's" or updates to the market, but I thought it would useful for other entrepreneur's to read about the experiences that my partner and I have had in investing in Winnipeg real estate and the "biggie" that we just signed on to do. ("biggie" for us)

With that being no means are we "specialist" or warrant that any of the outcomes would be the same for you or would suggest that this is for everyone.

To give you some history and allow me to "fast forward" and keep you somewhat interested, I will do a bit of a sum up...

I worked in the hospitality industry for many years and was able to save up quite a bit of money for my first home.  I tell ya, it was tough to save, save, save and not spend it on the 1998 Turbo charged Silver Camaro, twin to Bret Michaels, that I absolutely loved.  Surprisingly I saved, while renting little apartments at a high price (back in early 1990's) for over 8 years.  My family had been involved with buying and selling homes and apartment blocks and have learned the value of real estate investing. 

My partner Trevor bought his first home about 15 years ago after renting for many years, which and has had the "real estate" bug since then.   What is with us late bloomers!  I wasn't around then , so don't know too of his situation, but knowing him now, he would have also worked hard to save for that first investment.

My next blog will continue down the path to where we are now.

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