"Eco Friendly, Pet Friendly and Child Safe" Cleaning Products During the Holidays.

As we head into the cold and flu season with family and friends visiting, its important to keep up on your cleaning around the house to keep germs to a minimum while using the safest cleaners for our loved ones.  This can also be the same with hand sanitizer, which I yse frequently. 
Eco-friendly cleaning products for your home are more important now than ever. While many of these earth-conscious brands are a good thing because they do either minimize or prevent damage to our environment, the public is often not always aware that many of these same products are not necessarily safe for use around pets and/or children.
Since the beginning of this year,  I have been reading and educating myself as much as I can about small things our family can do to change the way we live so that we are being kinder to the Earth, safe for our pets and now our new baby on the way.  One of the first articles I read taught me -- among other things -- much about the dangers of using toxic substances in the home.
Which brings me to the discussion of doing housework.  If you are like me and will do a basic clean every week, yet hire a cleaner to come in for the larger items every 3 weeks.  I want to make sure our cleaner is also using Eco-friendly products.
I found that in virtually all cases the brand's products that I experimented with cleaned at least as well and  sometimes even better than -- the other cleaners on the market that are not always safe to use in areas frequented by our pets and/or children. So, why would I ever knowingly use a product around them that might be harmful?
When talking about household cleaning products, safety can sometimes be a bit of a vague term, so what exactly does "Eco friendly" and "green" mean?   As I learned from reading the products' labels, are different than some of the other green products on the market.....  they are NOT formulated with anything that is hazardous for a person to breathe in.  Example: Harmful wll have: stuff in it such as ammonia, chlorine, and various types of acids which accounted for the warning on the label "avoid inhaling the vapors".   A note appearing on all the manufacturer's products in this line states, "In case of eye contact, flush with water. Be safe and keep cleaning products out of reach of pets and children."  So, just like with other household solutions, you should use  caution when using and storing these.

Green works or other "Eco Friendly" " Green" products  on the other hand, did not smell "chemically".   These products are generally  labeled as "safe to use" for cleaning both children's toys as well as pet food & water bowls, animal toys, collars & leads, and litter boxes.  The safety qualities of these two products are representative of the other solutions the company markets. 


Please do your own research on what works best for you and your family and enjoy a healthy and happy holiday season.


Alison O'Toole REALTOR® Century 21 Bachman & Associates. 


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