Fall Home Maintenace Checklist


 September is a great month to prepare for the Fall/Winter season while temperatures are still enjoyable. It’s important to maintain your home in order to avoid high energy bills, or worse, damage to the home.

Here are 10 tips for home maintenance.

1. Check your heating system. Though you may still be using the air conditioner, it’s important to check the filters, pilot light and burners in a system fueled by gas.

2. Clean ducts in the heating system. Clean and vacuum dust from vents, baseboard heaters and air returns.

3. Test smoke alarms as well as carbon monoxide detectors. Batteries should be checked at least every six months to make sure that they are working.

4. Maintain the gutters. Remove any debris such as leaves or fallen dead branches. Anything that will prevent water from draining from the roof should be removed. Unattended gutter can cause problems to the roof.

5. Inspect the roof. Look for damaged or loose shingles. Repair immediately if required.

6. Inspect the grounds of your property. Check walkways and foundation for cracks or loose stucco. Fix as needed. Also, make sure the ground around your home slops away from the foundation, to prevent water from draining into your basement.

7. Check window and doors. Checking for drafts now will save you money in the long run. Go through the home and open and close windows to ensure seals and caulking are still in good condition.

8. Clean and store your seasonal yard furniture. Hose down and wash your outdoor furniture and cushions. Store in a dry area (like shed or garage) to prevent cracking and fading during the fall and winter months.

9. Maintain your garden. Why wait till spring to clean your garden, cut back overgrown perenials, give trees and plants a good watering before winter and use raked up leaves from your lawn as mulch for flower beds.

10. Inspect your attic. Look for signs of leaks, moisture and mold that occured during the summer months. Moisture and mold might be a result of ventilation problems. Check the attic vents and clean them is needed to improve air circulation.

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