Good Time To Sell In Winter?

Although Spring has always has been the time with most real estate transactions taking place for the year, the Winter months still bring in high sales number for those who choose to sell during the snow fall.

Typically most sellers don’t put their homes on the market during the last or first couple of months of the year but at times…there is no choice and this article will tell you why there is no real reason to wait.

We’re getting close to the end of the year, which begs the question of whether it’s still a good time to sell through the winter

Most would ask…. “Who is looking for houses in the middle of winter?” Will it sit on the market and become shopworn? Should I take my house off the market for the holidays?

Very reasonable questions….. But you always have someone who just sold their houses last night, the night before, or a few days before! In WINTER!

The reason is…. in winter, we have limited supply of homes on the market.  Low inventory = Supply and Demand effect.

 The inventory of homes for sale tends to dwindle during the winter months. When there is less competition, your home stands out and becomes the “hit of the party”. And as seller, you want your home to be in demand.

 Interest rates are still very low and there are still those same buyers that did not find their home in the fall. Still a strong sellers’ market and there are buyers that are wanting homes to purchase in the Winter to beat the frenzy of a Spring market.

Buyers have been waiting for more quality inventory and a sense that prices have stabilized.

This is a good time to set the price you are willing to accept and to have a Buyer fall in love and need your home today.

 The right Marketing Plan and the Right Agent to draw the most qualified Buyers to your home will make the process and final result of selling in the Winter, worth every penny you were wanting.

Alison O’Toole

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