Home Staging Works!

"Staging" is a form of marketing that will enhance your homes inherent features and minimizes any distractions that could detract the homes value in order to obtain the most money for your home.

Services offered range from purely recommendations on rearranging, cleaning and de-cluttering, packing and storing, staging your own furniture/accessories or renting the companies modern or contemporary pieces.

Staged homes sell more quickly, attract more qualified buyers to write top dollar offers and then ultimately sell for more money than an unstaged home.

If you choose to have a home stager to help sell your home....A FREE 2 hour consultation will be provided for you. 

Here's just a few tips, you can try on your own..

Rules To Staging 101:

Spaciousness-  "Less is More"

Kids toys and books should be neatly put away and not left out on the floor or stairway.  Hide as much as you can under beds or neatly organized in closet.  Closet organizers are great for this!  

Fine collectables, keepsakes, photos and DVD's should all be boxed ahead of showing your home.  We want to depersonalize, so buyers can visualize their belongings and the memories they will create in your sold home.

Excess furniture should be stored away and all furniture should be appropriate for each room.  If it doesn't go with the "function" of the room, move it and store it!  Be selective!  Too much furnitiure or overly large pieces can make the largest of rooms look small and give that impression to potential buyers.  You may want to consider a storage box that can be left on your driveway for a week, for you to pack and then stored at an off site location or to your new home.

Kitchens and bathrooms should be neat, clean and well organized.  Keep all counters clear of everything!  No papers, small appliances or canisters should be left and remove a fruit bowl that can create fruit flies in a short amount of time.  Pack any unused items or things you can "do without" for the short time that you "show" your home.  This also includes canned food and extra pots and pans.  We want to create the look of lots of cupboard space.

Always make sure your home looks and smells "Febreeze"neat.  After all, you never know when that short notice request  to see your home may come and can potentially be that "Big Money Offer!!" 


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