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I recently received a call from a couple from another city that are wanting me to find them a fantastic condo in the "Central" part of Winnipeg.  Their thoughts of the" Young Professional Urban Lifestyle" was what they were looking to achieve.  They have been quite particular on the construction and style of the building, needs and wants within their budget but are a bit concerned about the safety of the urban area they desire.

The Osborne, St. Boniface and Waterfront areas were the first to come to my mind and knew we would find a suite that would put a check mark beside almost all of their "must haves" on the list.

These areas offer great shops and restaurants, wonderful tea and wine shops to enjoy and speciality or regular food markets.  Not to mention the year round activites that would take place just a short walk away.  This is truly the Urban Lifestyle to enjoy!

Their concerns for safety are relevant and understand  as they do not live in our city.    They know that the areas that offer this "urban lifestyle" would not be in a "gated" or suburban community and this would be considered either downtown or close to downtown.

I myself living in the Osborne area for the last 3 years have not had any problems at all with safety or security.  We see many shoppers or people walking home from work at all hours of the day.  Winter or summer, there are so many people on the streets that are walking to those same shops or restaurants that you're going to.  Other areas are just so quiet and the only other people around are other unit owners in the condo buildings that would not be causing problems.

Although this is considered Urban Living and not in the suburbs, it does not equate to an "unsafe" area. 

I have attached a great article that mainly points out all the fantastic things about living in an Urban area.

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