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Dear Friends,

Hope this "ALISON AND THE CITY" newsletter finds you well and enjoying the last few

days of sunny warm weather.

I have included a few homes I have recently listed for sale, that some of you have

mentioned interest in these areas.


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I consider it my job as a REALTOR® to be continually informed of the current housing

 market and economic factors that may influence family’s decisions to buy or sell their



I welcome you to call me anytime to discuss your options to buy or sell or if I could help

 make any suggestions that you may consider.


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What to Look for When Viewing a Home


When buying a home it is easy to fall in love with a home's appearance, but it’s important to look

 deeper into the home before you decide to purchase. A careful inspection of the home during your

 viewing can help you eliminate the homes with too many defects.


First Impressions Count


The Outside of the House can tell you a lot. Look at the condition of the roof and external walls.

External problems like cracks in the walls or foundation may not be covered by house insurance.

On the inside, if the owners don’t bother keeping the house clean and attractive, how well are they

 doing in fixing problems, like water leaks? Look for water stains or bulges on the walls or ceilings.

This could mean there’s a water problem.


Do Things Work....And For You?


Kitchens and bathrooms are the most expensive rooms in the house to renovate so pay close attention

to the details. Check the water pressure and drainage by turning on taps or flushing the toilet.  If its a

preference on taste...budget for those changes.  If homes are "dated" this is usually already taken into

consideration when the owners and agent discuss a list price.  To walk into a home and start deducting

the price by "fixes" whether it be cosmetic or mechanical... is just not correct.   The majority of the time,

this was already compensated for.  A Market Evaluation will be done and made to compare the sale prices

 of similar homes in similar condition to guage a range in value.


.Energy Savers


.Check  doors and windows to make sure there’s no draft coming into the home.

 Windows and doors should fit snugly and operate smoothly.  Also may be repl;aced and factored into

 the List price of the home.



Floors should be smooth, even, and solid. Soft springy sections, excessive squeaking, and unevenness

 are all indications that  repairs may be needed. You may have already decided that new floors will be

required and most likely factored into the list price of the home.


Make sure that all the services you need, such as plumbing, electrical, mechanical and

included appliances are available and in working order. Although this is written into offers,

 good to check ahead of time.


Home Inspection

When you’re close to finding the right home for you, it may be time to hire a certified Home Inspector.

We will discuss if the home inspection should be written in an offer or if we should plan the inspection

prior to submitting the offer.



Featured Properties- Pictures And Deluxe Tours On Website

23 Laval Drive
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2X8
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Deluxe Virtual Tour at www.AlisonAndTheCity.net


50 Marksbridge
Winnipeg, MB R3P 2K5
More Info
Deluxe Virtual Tour at www.AlisonAndTheCity.net


628 Redwood
Winnipeg, MB R2W 1T2
More Info



Winnipeg, MB R3Y 1N1
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