What price do we offer?

How will you know what price to offer, in order to get the home you want? 

The process involves research on comparable homes that have recently sold in the area that are in a similar condition to the home you are interested in.  We would look at the condition of the property, if there have been any updates recently done on the home, the current market conditions,seller circumstances and if there are other buyers competing.

I will provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information so we can have you in the "best seat" to make an offer.

With this info, you have the greatest of chances of getting the home you want and paying a fair price.

Comparable sales: Compare prices of homes that are similar to the property you are considering.  Look at the location, square footage, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, lot size, age,does it have a basement or not?. Is there a garage and consider the type of construction. 

Property condition:  Compare how the property compares to the rest of the homes on the street and in the neighborhood.  Is it poor, average or much above the norm.    We want to look at structural conditions to the walls, ceilings, windows, floors and of course the basement.  We also want to look at the plumbing and electrical to see if any updates have been done.  new , hot water tank, windows and/or A/C unit

Home Improvements: Cosmetic changes can be largely ignored, but any major improvements should be taken into account. (updated, bathroom, kitchens to cupboards,flooring, faucets,sinks etc.)

 Found your home at an open house and need this information in order to write an offer on a home. Call me directly and I will provide you with the comparable sale prices.   (204)223-0678




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