Why You Should Consider A Pre-Listing Home Inspection



Why should you consider a pre-listing home inspection?


You may stand to earn a return far closer to your initial asking price than if one needed to be written in an offer and dependent on whether those buyers will close on your home or not.  This may be the best option for some homes but not necessarily all. 

When a buyer invariably performs his or her own inspection, should he or she find undisclosed flaws, you stand to lose more money off your initial asking price than you might assume. I've experienced first hand, that  for every flaw a buyer finds in a home that would cost $1,000 to fix, you stand to lose $3,000 – $5,000 off of your asking price. In truth, the average buyer doesn’t really know what it would cost to fix a given issue, yet flaws that are not made apparent to a buyer before their own inspection is performed is seen as far more problematic than those disclosed beforehand, even if you bring an issue to their attention before hand. 


By providing a home inspection to a buyer ahead of time, they know that you have set your price accordingly and not feel they have to reduce the price based on unapparent flaws or findings.   

As a seller this may seem like another additional expense in the selling process, but you need to understand the value it has in receiving top dollar for your home.  By having a pre-listing inspection performed, you can be the authority on your property, conveying both credibility and reliability as a seller. 

You gain considerable leverage in the negotiating process as you've eliminated the unknowns and room or any basis for further reductions in price. 

With a home inspection report  you are given a full report on the condition of the property, leaving you to determine which changes are worth fixing on your own, and which are better left to the future owners. Many changes that need to be made are inexpensive, affording a seller the opportunity to nip them in the bud before they can become known to others. If you find some issues that would cost more to fix than you care to spend, you can get your own direct quote from a respected home repair professional. You can then pass these quotes onto a prospective buyer, saving them time by giving them an accurate upfront assessment of their potential costs.

Leaving a hard copy of a completed summary that includes pictures sitting on the table at an open house is also a big help—a gesture that goes far in the eye of the buyer.

Please feel free to call me direct for more information or to discuss if this is a good approach to the sale of your home. 

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