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As hard as it is to say goodbye to summer there is something comforting knowing that it is almost time for sweaters, changing leaves and of course pumpkin spice everything. With the change of seasons comes a change of routines and the inevitable stress of switching from summer mode to back to school and work mode. But don’t fret- we are here to help you get your house ready so you’ll be able to enjoy fall!




  1. Your calendar will become your best friend this school year if you use it properly. We recommend having two calendars, one for the week and one for the month. This way you can see what you need for the day to day as well as into the future. 
    C21 Tip: Use a blackboard for your weekly calendar! This will allow you to change and add things as the week goes by. As we all know – nothing ever stays the same day to day!

Food Prep 
Prep your food to prep your life! Once you get into the habit of prepping your food for the week you will wonder how you ever survived before. Essentials for food prepping:

  • Freezer safe Tupperware
  • A food prep cook book with lots of yummy recipes (we recommend, Oh She Glows and Meal Prep: 150 Healthy and Quick Recipes)
  • A slow cooker/ Instant Pot, this will help you cook faster and more efficiently. These are especially great for soups, sauces and meat!


Home Chores

As it hard as it might be, it’s time to put away your summer clothes. Only keep out what you will use, this well help you mentally get ready for fall. When it comes to chores, decide what your top priorities are and set realistic cleaning schedules for your chores. Saying you will dust, mop and clean the windows every week is likely not going to happen (you are only human) so don’t set yourself up to fail. Like your weekly calendar, set up a cleaning schedule for daily, weekly and monthly cleaning duties and assign tasks to each family member. Many hands make light work!



Make Laundry Great Again. The dark, dingy laundry room days are over! If you’re like us then your laundry room has likely been neglected and has become one of your least favourite rooms in the house.

 Time to revamp your laundry room so you might even be excited to do your laundry- ok we know that’s a bit of a stretch, but bear with us!  

Lighting: That old fluorescent lighting must be the first thing to go.  Find something bright and cheery that makes you want to enter your laundry room! Often laundry rooms have lower ceilings and are a smaller space so you will need adequate lighting to brighten the room.

Change Container: Keep a change container beside the laundry machine to catch any loose change, jewelry, or anything that might get lost in the wash.

Jazz up your hamper:  This is a very inexpensive upgrade. Simply replacing your old plastic bin with a stylish hamper will make you happier while doing your laundry.

Change up your detergent: Treat yourself to some nice smelling detergent because life is short so try to enjoy every single minute (we are suckers for lavender detergent)!

Make a washing line outside: Save the world and your wallet by drying your clothes outside on a clothesline. You may be surprised at how good they smell!

Make it loud: Bring a speaker into your laundry room and play music/ listen to the radio as you fold and sort laundry! The time will fly by in no time!


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