Buyer Questions to AVOID ....

Some Buyer Questions to Avoid:

Here are questions to steer clear of, either on the phone or face-to-face:

  • “What are you asking for the home?” They likely know this already, but it may be asked as an introduction to the following follow-up question.
  • “How much will you take for the home?” Avoid answering this question. For example, you’re asking $250,000. The buyer asks, “How much will you take?” If you say something like, “I want no less than $244,000,” then this can be viewed as the new asking price.
  • “Can I see the home now or within an hour?” You can be told that they are here from out of town and are leaving that same day. This could be valid, but it can also be a way of seeing your home so that it can be quickly eliminated. Have the buyer pre-screened first. It’s also a security issue.
  • “Why are you selling?” If you have a high need to sell—you’ve bought another home, financial stress, health problems, a divorce—this could be viewed as a reason to grind you on the price.  This type of personal information can weaken your position.
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