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It just goes to show you what can be done. I listed a home close to the Downtown core. That showed great (clean & neat), had pride of ownership, to me, was priced properly. Had Sellers that were easy to deal with and had a realistic view of what is happening in our market. And guess what? Within 2 days I had an offer on it, and it appears as though it will be Sold in the next day or so. It's tough when you look at a property and the Sellers tell you in order for them to Sell, they need enough to pay off the Camper, the Visa Bill, the Wife's new car, and Education cost for their teenager to go to Med. School. I am a Professional, you Contract with me for my opinion as to Value as well as my ability to Sell for the best possible price that we can get for it. That has to take into consideration of where the market value is at any given time. So if you are thinking of Selling then use an Realtor that is not afraid to be honest with you. Putting your property out there for an outrageous price does not mean it will Sell. Eventually you may get less for it than originally as it will go stale and you may miss a Buyer at a higher rate. Something to think about.

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Allan Zenert

Allan Zenert

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