Happy Mother's Day!

This weekend we celebrate Mother’s Day – that special day set aside to honour Mom. While there are all kinds of thoughts about the over-commercialization of Mother’s Day, there is merit and value in setting aside one day each year that is special, that is precious and that is a reminder to all of us to stop and say “Thanks Mom” and “I Love You”.

As a mother of grown kids (and grandmother), I strive to simply be there for my kids in whatever way they need or want, to continue to provide support and guidance, a home cooked meal, babysitting or a just a hug and a smile when they need it. I cherish the memories of years past and look forward to many more memories to come. And I cherish the memory of my own mother as I celebrate this first Mother’s Day without her… she will always be in my heart and never more so than on Mother’s Day.

So take some time this weekend to honor your mother in whatever way you can.

And to Moms everywhere, here’s to us, to all we do and to all of those who do great things for us!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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