Market Update

As you may be aware, the market showed considerable more life this week.  We gauge the market, not just by showing requests, but also by calls, online inquiries, and agent viewings on D&H (our real estate intranet FOR AGENTS ONLY)

 There are some things that you can do to assist, when there is a "lull" we tend to...

1-Leave the house in the morning, not necessarily leaving it ready for a viewing

2-Not get too excited about doing "yard work" or upcoming snow removal.

3-Sellers forget to advise us when they will be away on vacation or even overnight or weekends.

 It is important to "always be ready" for the quick viewing or the unexpected one,  I know it's tough, but experience shows us that "Murphy's Law" will rear it's ugly head and when your place is the messiest is when someone will want to view your home.

For regular updates, and interpretations on the market, call or email 902-830-3777 or email

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