Stay Strong and Stop Bullying!

Bullying hurts – physically, mentally, emotionally.


Everyday kids (and adults) are bullied – by peers and co-workers, by strangers and sometimes by family or friends. They are bullied by people who think it is OK to diminish someone’s self worth, their beliefs, their very being through words or actions meant to hurt. And it is NOT OK!

Today is “Pink Shirt Day”, an idea inspired by a couple of high school students in Nova Scotia who decided that IT WASN’T OK for bullies in their school to make another student’s life miserable simply because he had worn a pink shirt to school. So they stood up and said “Enough!” They bought 50 pink shirts and distributed them to other boys in the school and they went online to get the kids in the school involved. And they, and the student being bullied, showed up the next day to a sea of pink in their school. And the bullies? Well, they backed down, because in truth a bully is often really a coward and their only way of dealing with their own issues is to make someone else miserable.

So take a stand today, wear pink, speak out against bullying of all kinds. Don’t stand by and watch it happen, whether you are a student in school, an adult in a workplace or a teacher who sees things happening in class – don’t let the bullies win.

Take a stand, stay strong and help stop bullying on all levels.