Thinking of Selling? Advice you can use.

I am often asked by perspective Sellers – what should I do to make my home more marketable, more attractive, and more saleable?

Often people think they have to spend lots of time (and money) getting their home ready to go on the market. While some major upgrades may get you some extra money in the sale of your house, there are a lot of small things that can be done that will make your house ready to be viewed by the buying public.

  • De-Clutter – this is probably the thing that I tell people most often. There is nothing worse than going into a house that is so full of “stuff” that you cannot see the true character of the place. Get rid of knickknacks, extra furniture, personal photos (particularly if they may be offensive to someone). Make sure that potential Buyers are looking at the house and not your stuff.
  • Clean, Clean, Clean – pick up newspapers, magazines, toys, pillows, clothes, shoes, etc. Clear off counters in the kitchen and the bathrooms, make sure that sinks, appliances and faucets are sparkling clean and that floors are swept and mopped. Make sure that beds are made and clothes and personal items are put away in the bedrooms. And make sure that you are always ready for showings.
  • Beware last night’s dinner or musty bathrooms – there’s nothing worse than walking into a house and being assaulted by unwelcome smells. Make sure that you air the house out, clean up any musty or mold in bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc.
  • Air Fresheners – be very careful with the use of plug-in air fresheners or the ones that release as you walk by when trying to make your house smell good. So many people have chemical sensitivities - you don’t want to lose a potential buyer who cannot stand to be in your house because of an air freshener.
  • Freshen Things Up – take a look around your house with a critical eye. Look for things that would be easy to freshen up – a touch of paint or a good scrubbing, cleaning carpets can make all the difference.
  • Light it up – lights can make a huge difference. Make sure that you have adequate lighting in all rooms, that the bulbs are not burnt out and change out those energy efficient bulbs, they tend to be dim and off-colour. You want people to see the potential of your home - that’s difficult to do in the dark.
  • Pets are great BUT – make sure that there are no strong odors of animals in the house. You can get some great cleaners that will get rid of pet odors. And be sure to look around the outside of your house to make sure that there are no surprises waiting for a potential buyer on the step, walkway or deck.
  • Get rid of the Garbage – don’t have bags of garbage lying around on the front porch or at the side of the house, in the kitchen or bathrooms – no one wants to see that.

The bottom line – look at your house critically (and if you can’t do it ask a friend) and do the things that will make your house shine in the eyes of a potential buyer. And don’t just do it once, keep it up until the house is sold.

I have been selling real estate in Halifax for more than 25 years and believe me I have seen it all – the good, the bad and the ugly. For more information and advice on selling your home contact me today at 830-3777. At CENTURY 21 All Points, we are ALWAYS OPEN and ready to help!