Handy Guideline before you Move

Handy Guidelines before you Move


Following these tips can take a lot of frustration out of your moving journey to your new home—whether it is down the block or across the country these will apply.



Sort out things you want to keep, throw out or give away. Be strict; the fewer items you move the easier the job.

Contact the Post Office and request a special kit designed to insure that your mail won’t be interrupted.

Request all medical, dental and academic records. Make sure you have them all well in advance.

Choose a moving company.

Talk to friends or relatives that have moved recently…learn from their mistakes.

Arrange the logistics of the move! What items need special attention? How long the move will take? Who can help?

Anticipate problems. Will the move take place around a holiday? Could highway construction or flights delay your plans? Could weather pose a threat?



Contact power and phone company and arrange for any services you will need at the new home.

Confirm departure and arrival dates and times with everyone…realtor, relatives, Sellers of the house etc.

Arrange rental cars if needed.

Pack…beginning with rarely used items and valuables.

Label you boxes with what is in it and where it is to go in the new house.

Do a layout of your new home and label each room. Have copies for yourself, movers and post one on the front door of your new home when you get there.

If you have children involved, include them in a planning session and have them help with packing.

Be sure to include specialty items that you are taking with you. A light fixture, security system, satellite dish etc.



Transfer your bank accounts to the new area. Notify credit card companies, insurance companies and complete any forms required so that coverage will continue.

Confirm details of new phone and electric service etc.

Mail out change of address cards.

Return anything you may have borrowed and ask for important items back by a certain date.

Review arrival date and rough time with the Sellers or the Realtor.

Make sure any repairs, damages or additions agreed to for the new house are on schedule.

Review your progress in packing. Make a list of items to be packed at the last minute.



Discontinue all unnecessary services like newspaper delivery, laundry, garbage collection etc.

Set date for termination of gas, water, electricity and fuel delivery.

Reconfirm all arrangements at the new location.

Arrange to have gas, water and electricity meters read on final day.

Outline the plan for moving day to family, friends, relatives, and movers. Who will be responsible for what?

Set a schedule and stick to it.

Make a general inspection of your house and determine if you have missed anything.



Defrost the fridge and dry thoroughly to avoid mildew.

Make sure you have the copies of the layout of your home and have not packed them.


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