Open House Information

Holding an open house can often be stressful for homeowners. You know that some strangers will be touring through your home evaluating every last detail. A bit of planning can relieve some of your stress and help to "show" your house to it's best.

Depersonalize as much as you can:  Your personal things can be distracting and your potential home buyer could spend more time looking at what is in the home than actually seeing their lives taking place there.  Pets should be out of the home not just for the day but ideally for a few days in order to allow any lingering odors to dissipate.

 If you’ve got lots of clutter, you need to get it out of sight, at least temporarily. The first instinct might be to move it all out to the garage,stack it in the basement or fill up the closets. But remember your potential buyer probably has a fair amount of clutter too. They will be looking at all those storage spaces and the more available room they see, the more it will look like your home has all the space they need. Perhaps you can temporarily store some items with family or friends. You can also rent a storage space.  Your home should appear spacious and inviting.

Warm it up: The old trick of baking bread or cookies works to appeal to clients because it makes the home feel warm and lived in. Scented candles can work a similar magic. Fresh flowers or plants are also a nice touch and one that stagers often use. Another trick from staggers is to use colorful pillows and softly draped throws to provide a bit of color in bedrooms and living spaces. The home still needs to look lived in and so a stack of plates left on the counter, fruit in the fruit bowl, towels in the bathroom, all go toward showing that the home is a great place to live.

 Light sells homes. Windows should be freshly cleaned on both the inside and the outside for maximum sunlight potential. Also go around and check to make sure all your light bulbs are working and that they are bright enough to really show off the rooms to their best advantage.

On the day of your open house, plan something special for yourself. Go see that movie you've been putting off or plan a trip to visit an attraction or friends. Even the happiest of moves are stressful, so defuse some of that by taking yourself and your family out for a little reward. Go on a short day trip. Your Realtor can connect with you later after he or she has had time to gather up all the impressions about your home.

You may not get an offer from your open house, but the open house can lead to future showings and an eventual sale.

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