Refreshing your here's a great idea if you plan to sell your home. Looking from the Buyer's side of things. Do you see your Not so fresh walls, or your vibrant colours? Potential Buyer's come in and see your home and will think it needs a lot of work and where will that money come from. Forget about what you like! Your objective is to set your home up in  the best light possible to convince the Buyer's that their furniture would look great in your home.

Paint Colours...a  light neutral decor in a egg shell finish, makes a home calm, warm and inviting.You can save money by choosing a 5 gallon bucket of paint instead of 5 1 gallon cans and using a good primer.

If you are not handy, hire a student, ask a relative or a friend and have the job done in a weekend.

Before you get upset with your Realtor, when she suggests painting.....think a moment about the benefits. A small investment of time and a bit of money, can get you that one offer that will bring a big smile on your face.

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