Small Town Life

I need to start by confessing that I was born and raised in the GTA and for many years was a "Big City Guy". Fortunately I overcame that background and now love living in a somewhat small town. Now I can't understand why more 30 something couples aren't moving out here from the city. You can buy a 5 to 10 year old 1300 sq ft fully detached home in the area for around $250,000, one of the couple can quit their job and look after the kid(s) and pamper the commuter to the city so that when he or she gets home its relax and have fun with the family. The quality of life here is extraordinary. There is no traffic as city dwellers know it, you can safely walk anywhere (including the beaches) any time of night or day and everyone is sincerely nice. No-one honks their horns or makes rude gestures because they'll see that person in line at the grocery store the next day. Not only that, the slow driver winds up being the grandmother of your daughter's hockey teammate. And commuting to Toronto is a breeze. The Via train leaves Cobourg every morning @ 6:59 & arrives @ Union Station @ 8:15. You cant't drive from Danforth & McCowan to Jane & Wilson in that length of time most days and you can work on the train. It has wifi. The train leaves Union Station @ 5:30 & is back in Cobourg @ 6:45.

Here's another example of small town life. Margie & I were raking & bagging leaves on the boulevard when the town leaf pickup truck came by. We were about half done. The guys hop out of the truck and spend 10 minutes raking, bagging & picking up armloads of leaves and dumping them in the composter then hop back in the truck & drive away with a smile and a wave.

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