Cleared gutters

With all the rain we have had over the past few days, I realised the value of a simple, but effective product. It is called "Gutter Guard" or any similiar product.

We know how important it is to divert water away from the foundation walls and during normal rain falls even slighty blocked gutters will work as a part of this system. But when we have a downpour, it doesn't take much to clog up the downspouts & this is where a product like this is invaluable.

"Gutter Guard" is a plastic mesh that fits underneath the shingles and forms an arch over the gutters. Then any leaves, pine needles etc that tend to end up in the gutter are simply washed away {over the edge} by the rain, leaving the gutters and downspouts to do their jobs.

It's also important to have really good grading away from the foundation and to extend the downspouts well away from the home too!

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