​Curb appeal

What is it and how can you get it?

This is something we hear talked about often and I’ve got some quick and easy ideas to help most homes make that good first impression

Clean exterior walls and windows!

It’s not only the inside of your house that needs to be kept clean of dirt, dust and grime – the outside should be just as spotless. Clean your outer walls with soapy water and rinse or power wash. Also clean your windows, inside and out.

Fresh coat of paint!

A new coat of paint is like a face lift for your home, but don’t try to make a bold statement with your home’s colour. If your property is a wildly different colour from the other homes in the neighbourhood, it could negatively affect a buyer’s perception of the home’s value. If you still want to make a statement, sometimes, a strong colour on the front door will work.

Keep your grass Green and tidy!

Your front yard creates your home’s first impression to prospective buyers, so make sure that your lawn is green and trimmed. Also, ensure that your shrubs and flower beds are well tended and put away yard tools + bikes, toys etc.

Clean and repair the roof!

If the roof, gutters, soffits or downspouts are damaged or some shingles are missing, it can often have a negative impact on the value of your home. Sometimes a good cleaning and some small repairs are all you need to having your roof back in top condition.

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