So you`re looking for a house.  You`ve been thinking about it for awhile, and you`ve finally decided it`s the `time.` Now, all you have to do is find a real estate agent to help you find one.  Who do you choose?  You get a few referrals from friends, so you start to investigate the agents.  You finally choose the agent for you:  similar age, sounds like she knows what she`s talking about, has a friendly personality, and is eager to start looking. 

The day is here—your first appointment with the agent who has been so helpful in narrowing down the search in a timely manner and answering all your questions.  Starbucks in the area of where you`re looking is the meeting place.  Just as you`re getting out of your vehicle, you recognize the agent from her headshot pulling into the parking lot. 

You are suddenly taken aback by what you see.  Could it be true?  Is your agent actually driving a Ford Focus??  You thought your friends had said she was great and she was busy---why hadn`t they mentioned she drove a domestic compact?  Where was the Jaguar, the Escalade, or at the very least, the BMW?  Now what were you going to do?  The thought of bolting out of the parking lot and not looking back seems so tempting.  Instead, you brace yourself for the afternoon to come.

Does this sound like something you`ve been through?  Have you judged your agent based on their vehicle and not on their talents?  They look respectable, they speak precisely, and they conduct themselves professionally.  But somehow something is missing.  Perhaps it means they`re frugal, they`re in the process of moving into a different vehicle but haven`t found "the one" yet, they prefer to spend their money on travel and/or toys, or they don`t want to spend extra in insurance.

I`m not saying it`s wrong to have first impressions.  I also do not discount the impact these first impressions leave us with.  I am simply bringing to light an attitude I find intriguing.  Happy driving!  That is, if you HAVE a vehicle....... *wink*



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