Well, I`ve finally decided it`s the right time.  I`m becoming a Big Sister.  Your first reaction might be quiet shock, but don`t worry--my parents are NOT having another child!  Whew!  No, instead I`ve volunteered with the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization of Canada. 

Years ago, while working a job in Saskatoon, a fellow employee had been a Big Sister.  At the time, whether because of my age or disregard for meaning in my life, I did not spend too much time contemplating the situation.  Then, about a year ago, a new friend in Edmonton mentioned he was a Big Brother.  After asking him a couple generic questions about it, I dove onto their website and absorbed as much information as I could. 

Now, I don`t want people to think I`m not a person of action--decisive, goal-oriented, and focused.  But I got distracted from the idea for awhile.  In part, I mulled it for a few months and then decided I didn`t have enough time to contribute properly.  The interesting part is that I did not know, in fact, how much time one had to commit to the program.  Where did the decision come from, then?  Perhaps a subconscious need to get some things in order before attempting to become a Big Sister.

So, after almost a year of contemplating and mulling and decisions without accurate information, I`ve decided to become a Big Sister.  After I made the actual decision, I started to get excited.  The more I find out about the program, the more I`m looking forward to it.  I still have the 2 hour interview to complete before they know who to match me with, but by this time next week I could actually be placed. 

One thing I wanted to share with everyone, though, is something that surprised me.  In the Edmonton area, there can be up to a two year wait for a child to get a Big Sister or Big Brother because there just aren`t enough volunteers to go around.  How disappointing and sad this must be for children who are waiting.  Well, I hope this blog might plant the seed of thought into someone else`s mind.  It may take a year for you to decide you`re ready, but when you do, there will be a child waiting. 

Do something you`re proud of!

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