Election Time

It's that time of year again and no matter where you live in and around the Edmonton area, it's time to start thinking about who to vote for.

Many people only think about elections at the federal or provincial levels, but I would argue that the level that has the most direct effect on our day to day lives, is the municipal government!

So if you are concerned about civic debt loads, various infrastructure deficits, ongoing projects or just the day to day running of your local city - get involved. Educate yourself about the various candidates and not just with the little flyers that they deliver. Research them online, try and attend a forum, some of the forums are actually being broadcast live and then archived. Links can be found at most media outlets.

If you have specific questions for certain candidates - ask them, they should be prepared to answer you.

The above is also relevant to the school trustee elections that are happening at the same time!

In short, get educated and then get out and vote - we are directly responsible for the people we elect.


Further information can be found at Alberta Municipal Affairs

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