Incentive Programs Offer Grant Opportunity

The City of Edmonton has an excellent opportunity for investors and builders alike to get grant funding assistance for development and renovation costs. There are two different grants available: the Development Incentive Program and the Facade Improvement Program.

The Development Incentive Program is designed to revitalize and reinvest in Edmonton's main commercial areas (Business Revitalization Zones). It is available to those who invest in new development, redevelopment, and/or conversion of a property. The reimbursement grant can put up to $432,000 back into your pocket.

The Facade Improvement Program encourages investment into facade improvements and renovations in Edmonton's main commercial areas (Business Revitalization Zones). The program provides reimbursement by matching the costs of renovations up to a maximum of $60,000.

For more information about these programs, please contact Felicia Michie, Manager of the Development Incentive Program at 780-442-0906 or by e-mail at

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